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Technologies of commercial fish farming of sturgeon fish species and their hybrids

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  • Location(s): Kazakhstan
  • Type(s): Centre of Excellence
  • Theme(s): Agriculture , Aquaculture
  • SDG(s): 2. Zero Hunger, 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Locations of Agro Solutions: Kazakhstan
  • Types of Agro Solutions: Centre of Excellence
  • Themes in Agro Solutions: Agriculture , Aquaculture
  • SDGs in Agro Solutions: 2. Zero Hunger, 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Locations in Europe and the CIS: Kazakhstan
  • Types in Europe and the CIS: Centre of Excellence
  • Themes in Europe and the CIS: Agriculture , Aquaculture
  • SDGs in Europe and the CIS: 2. Zero Hunger, 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The development of sturgeon breeding allows preserving the sturgeon gene pool in natural reservoirs and providing the market with delicatessen fish products, however, in Kazakhstan there were no technologies for growing sturgeon species adapted to local conditions.

From 2012 to 2014 with the purpose of forming a scientific and methodological basis for the commercial cultivation of sturgeon species in conditions of fully-system fish farms in Kazakhstan, the Kazakh Research Institute of Fisheries conducted studies on the Development of Biotechnical Methods for Cultivating New Aquaculture Facilities in Conditions of Fish Farms in Kazakhstan.

In the implementation process, methods common to genetic, physiological and ichthyopathological studies were used; In the part of fish farming and fodder production - the relevant regulatory and technical documentation and guidelines. In the framework of studies for the first time in Kazakhstan, genetic studies of sturgeon fish have been conducted and a database of morphological indicators of sturgeon of different ages has been developed.

As a result of the research, the following has been achieved:

  • Biotechnical methods of breeding and growing sturgeon have been developed in relation to the conditions of fish farms in Kazakhstan;
  • Formulations of domestic artificial feeds for sturgeon fishes have been developed;
  • The physiological state of sturgeons was assessed in the course of experimental cultivation;
  • Immunomodulators were used and an assessment of the ichthyopathological condition of sturgeon fish was carried out;
  • The economic efficiency of the proposed biotechnical measures;
  • A repair flock of sturgeon fishes raised in the Almaty and Akmola regions was formed to create a breeding stock. A breeding core was created, consisting of differently aged sturgeons: Russian sturgeon, Siberian sturgeon and stellate sturgeon.

Also patent registrations have been obtained on the following:

  • Mixed fodder for sterlet with integrated use of corn processing waste. Innovative Patent №27693.
  • A method for increasing the immune status of sturgeon fishes. Innovation patent № 26001.
  • Device for incubation of sturgeon caviar eggs. Preliminary patent №15883.
  • Device for sorting sturgeon fry. Innovation patent № 19205.

Partners: KazNII PPP - Kazakh Research Institute of Food Processing (co-executor), Chilik pond farm (basic fish farm)

Contact information:
LLP "Kazakh Research Institute of Fisheries" (KazNIIRH)
Name and title: Dr. Saule Assylbekova, Deputy General Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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